Born in Xi'an, China, and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota,
Isaac is a photographer and designer based in Minneapolis.
He is currently pursuing his BFA in Graphic Design at the
Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Isaac's career started as a Graphic Design Intern at the
National Sports Center. During his time there, he
discovered the world of sports photography. Isaac began
taking his camera to every sporting event he could,
eventually finding an opportunity to join the Northland
Soccer Journal, who he still works with today.

After a season of photographing Minnesota United FC and
various sports around Minnesota, Isaac began to seek out
other photography opportunities and soon fell in love with
4x5 large format film. Specifically the Toyo Field 45AX
camera. It was with this camera that he began to explore
his fascination with humans and everyday life.

To Isaac, documenting humans is an art that unveils the
profound beauty in the ordinary and celebrates the essence
of our shared human experience. Through the lens of a
camera, he reminds us that even in the smallest gestures,
there lies a world of stories waiting to be told.

For professional work, Isaac uses a dual camera setup
consisting of the OM-D E-M1X and OM-D E-M5 II bodies as
well as the M.Zuiko 14-150mm (1:4-5.6) and M.Zuiko 75-
300mm (1:4.8-6.7) lenses.